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Our Product

We get your world.

  • You’re overwhelmed, and it feels like you’re drowning in crap.


  • You’re making hundreds of decisions off the cuff every day.


  • You need to get control of your business – now. 


We know all this because once upon a time, we were a small business too.

Make informed decisions and grow.

  • Gazingle was created to help small businesses like you take back control and grow.

  •  Using insights from your own business plus hundreds of similar businesses, Gazingle gives you an insider’s view steering you in the right direction, so you know exactly what you need to do next to get awesome results.

Gazingle – the complete toolkit.

  • Gazingle takes the sweat out of small business management, so you can focus on the stuff that really matters.

  •  From automating business processes (based on intuitive Artificial Intelligence) and tracking leads, to preparing estimates and managing your team. Gazingle makes running your business so much simpler.

" I can see exactly how my business is tracking against my goals. Gazingle takes the stress out of business growth and gives me peace of mind that my decisions are backed by facts."

Steve, Restoration Expert, Long Beach

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