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Gazingle is a business software that tracks leads, jobs, customers, staff, Expenses, Revenue, Invoices, internal and external Communication and payments.

Gazingle is everything your business needs to Run Smooth and Grow Faster!​

Simple. Effective. Growth.

"I was worried Gazingle would be hard. But it’s one of the easiest software platforms I have ever
used. Using a system means I no longer lose important information. "
Peter, Small Business Owner, Los Angeles

We Are


Gazingle – Your Complete Toolkit 

Gazingle takes the sweat out of business management, so you can focus on What really matters.

Using insights from your own business plus hundreds of similar businesses, Gazingle gives you an insider’s view steering you in the right direction, so you know exactly what steps are necessary to reach awesome results. 

From automating business processes (based on intuitive Artificial Intelligence) and tracking leads, to preparing estimates and managing your team. Gazingle makes running your business so much simpler.

" I can see exactly how my business is tracking against my goals. Gazingle takes the stress out of business growth and gives me peace of mind that my decisions are backed by facts." Steve, Restoration Expert, Long Beach

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Gazingle makes sure you always know what to do next – from tracking jobs, leads, customers, and invoices – you can keep your eye on the ball with automatic status updates.
With a unique and intuitive AI platform, Gazingle can anticipate your requirements and guide you to achieve your most important short- and long-term goals.  Our approach enables you to make decisions and take action to manage priorities and maximise opportunities in your business.

Powerful, Simple Dashboard - Gazingle shows you instantly what needs attention by displaying your whole
business in a snapshot.

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Control Your Business 

Quickly and easily see how your business is performing. View your leads, sales, jobs, Teams,equipment and invoices at a glance. All updates are automated to help you move through each task quickly, which means that staying on top of things becomes stress-free.


Your entire team will see customized dashboards, so your business runs smoothly without you needing to be on top of everything 24/7. Set business goals and keep track of progress. 

Track jobs through status reports and get everything done. 

Never miss a sales opportunity. 

Invoice quickly and keep on top of payments.

Save Time , Eliminate Human Errors, and make life easier for yourself and your team members . 

Turn Leads into Sales Quicker - Gazingle makes it easier to turn leads into sales more quickly using simple reminders so you never miss a follow up.

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7721 Densmore Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406, USA

(888) 427-2490

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